Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 7.23.48 PMRecently Apple launched their iPad Pro, accessorized with the Apple Pencil. The Pencil is a wonderful tool, BUT there are a few things about it that could be improved.

First, the Pencil has an absolutely round shape, and is thus always escaping your grip. The second inconvenient thing about it is the little adapter that you need to connect to the Pencil before charging it. Being so small, this little piece is the first part you will likely lose, leaving you without it just when you need it most. Many people will leave it at home or somewhere else for fear of losing it. Here is the solution.


We designed two simple extensions that let you keep all the parts together and never lose any one. Simply attach one to an adapter and another one to the Pencil, and that’s it!



Take out the head and charge your Pencil without worrying about forgetting or losing an important part. Our extension is designed to give the Pencil stability on a smooth surface. This way, you’ll never spill your coffee in your lap while trying to prevent your drawing tool from escaping.



Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko, Patent Pending, 2016

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