The Survival Stove Head Tool

The Survival Stove Head Tool is designed not just for those who want to survive in a zombie apocalypse, but for those who want to survive through any kind of trouble. 

There is probably no reason to start packing your survival backpack but always be prepared. You might consider to carry it with you for any camping or traveling occasion. This little accessory would help you make dinner using any empty can. There is no reason to carry a wooden stove with you – take a Campbell soup can instead. Or canned beans. Or..whatever you like to eat in a cave.

Once it’s empty, you can reuse the tin can to create your own stove with our stove head accessory — less carrying, more creativity, and better for the Planet. The Survival Stove Head accessory is two times lighter than any EDC knife. Weighs only 2OZ, and is only 4″ long and 1″ wide. It is incredibly portable and fits in the smallest pocket of your backpack.

Most of the portable wooden stoves that exist are not designed to hold small cups or coffee pots. Our head accessory could fix that and expand the facilities in use.

It’s also a multi-functional unit. Built into one of the plates is a sharp knife that allows you to open canned food or cut branches for a fire. It can hook onto a carabiner and made from polished stainless steel.

Patent Pending 

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