The EatLESS Bowl

Have you ever wondered why Japan is one of the healthiest, most long-lived nations? It’s been Number One in life expectancy forever. What’s their secret – sushi, sword fighting, samurai anime?


Eatless11 copy

Perhaps. But, with full respect to raw fish and tempered steel, we think it’s the old Japanese rule of thumb: “Take the amount of food that you would like to eat, subtract one-fifth, and you are left with the portion you should eat”. Scientists have proven beyond any doubt that calorie restriction is the surest way to improve health and ensure longevity. Traditional wisdom and modern science point to the same solution, yet consciously limiting your food intake is easier said than done.


EatLESS bowl to the rescue! Perfect for those who want to shed unwanted pounds or just feel lighter on their feet, it allows you to eat a bowl that looks and feels full, while actually eating less than a full bowl. So, go ahead and fill it up to the brim – you’ll still be eating 20% less and feeling great about it!


Perfect for hot and cold cereals and soups. Get yours today!

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