The “Lock-it-up” is an improvement on how we protect our computers from theft and unwarranted access. Lock-it-up is a modification to the zipper-head of laptop bags that allows the user to attach a computer lock cable through the zipper-head and into the K-Slot keeping the laptop both securely attached and safely inside the laptop bag until the cable is removed.


Currently the most widespread way to protect a laptop from being stolen, is to use a computer lock cable which attaches to the Kensington Security Slot. However this doesn’t prevent the disembodiment of a laptop (the battery, hard drive, etc.) and it doesn’t prevent computer access. This wouldn’t be a problem if we could keep the computer inside a laptop pouch, while also securing it with a lock cable. The way most laptop bags are designed now, we can’t attach the security lock without taking the laptop out of its pouch.


Lock-it-up is a simple, but very powerful modification to the zipper-head that would allow its user to keep the laptop inside its pouch, while securing it with a  lock cable.



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