Green Tail. Plastic Bag Dispenser


Over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide. That’s 2 million every minute. Imagine if you could cut down on these numbers.

How? By recycling, of course. People just throw out their unused plastic bags. That’s waste (a bad idea). A better idea would be to use them for waste. Get it?

What? You already do? Yeah, your waste. But what about your dog?

Why buy dog-waste bags when there are plenty of bags from your local supermarket in your house, going unused? Now, you can put them to use with Green Tail, our waste-bag dispenser for dog lovers and walkers, which becomes a part of your leash.



We designed Green Tail using Smart Design principles and a minimum of plastic, for people who care about their pets and the planet. That should cover just about everyone, right?

With Green Tail, dog owners no longer need to carry bags in their pockets or tie them awkwardly to the leash.



They just load a whole bunch of empties into the slot on the bottom, and take them out from an opening on the side, one by one, as needed. That’s it!


The recognizable and stylish design, made from recycled plastic, will earn you the admiration of your fellow humans, not to mention the respect of your dog, who is surely more status- and design-conscious than you will ever know.

By using our dispenser you will draw admiring glances from… well, admirers, and encourage people to reuse their plastic bags. Help us make our dream of the Earth with fewer plastic bags going to waste come true! 


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