Boa Cushion Travel Neck Pillow/ Gray



Boa Cushion is an innovative multifunctional traveling pillow. It is designed to provide all support in all areas such as neck, head, and chin. In addition, it is malleable so you can shape it in any way you to achieve maximum comfort.

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QUICK/EASY INFLATE/DEFLATE: Boa Cushion travel neck pillow takes only 4 to 6 seconds to blow up, and takes around 3 seconds to deflate by a finger lightly press the valve. Suggest to blow up to 75-85% is appropriate and comfortable.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Perfectly contours around your neck & effectively reducing the pressure over your cervical vertebra and shoulder.
LIGHT & EASY for TRAVEL: Pillow weighs only around 0.18 lb. (82 gr.) , and it comes with a small carrying pouch 6”x6”. It is not only light but easy and handy for traveling.
COMFORTABLE: According to a human body, “O” shaped design, multi-directional support cervical, relieve cervical discomfort, give u super and soft feel to the head, neck, and chin.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 oz
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 in

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