Glow in the Dark Eyes

Fridge magnets have become so ubiquitous, we hardly notice them. Well, maybe if they have the number of a towing service or a plumber, we do, but for the most part, they just take up space on your refrigerator, serving as little more than a souvenir of your aunt’s trip to the Niagara Falls 8 or 20 years ago. Here come Glow in the Dark Eyes magnets to give your fridge’s face some much needed pizzazz! 

They are both playful and functional—and never boring. Made of a special space-age plastic, they accumulate light in the daytime and give it off when it’s dark out. This way, when you’ve got the munchies late at night, the source of your sustenance—which would be the sun during the day, but at 3 in the morning is obviously the refrigerator—glows invitingly with a pair of alluring eyes. 

The patent-pending magnet design mimics the iris of the particular animal whose irresistible eyes are leading you toward the fridge. Whether it’s the green Cat Eyes, yellow Wolf Eyes or orange Jaguar Eyes, you’ll be drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Resistance is futile! 
Kids will love them, too. Get your Glow in the Dark Eyes magnets today!

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