Camping Folding Cup+Flash Light

Enjoy camping and outdoor activities with this portable cup + light on the go! This compact and lightweight camping LED light can be used in 2 ways as a flashlight when compressed, or as a cup when expanded. Made of high quality and durable plastic ABS material it weights only about 4 oz. You can switch between 3 modes: low, high, and be flashing. When popped open into a cup, it illuminates for up to 7 hours non-stop. The solar panel will charge the battery while you were traveling in the daytime. With the portable and lightweight design, you can easily stow it away in bag, backpack, or simply carry it around in your pocket, or hang it up with the flip-up handle to provide ambient light.

Provisional Patent.

If you are interested, please contact:


Phone: 646-250-9405

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