iNcense Stand

Performed in rituals and religious and ceremonies, the tradition of burning incense is an artifact of ancient eastern cultures that has found its place in modern society. Traditionally accompanied by music, the harmony of aroma and sound are an exotic and mystical way of balancing the senses.

Today we burn incense to create an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation, in which we try to find a spiritual peace that is absent in our everyday lives. However, to find this inner harmony, I believe that we do not need to wholly detach ourselves from the modern world. We should celebrate what has been accomplished, and has been made available to us.

My invention, iNcense allows for the combination of the aesthetic Apple products with a traditional incense burner. Made 100% out of bamboo, iNcense is an innovative incense burner stand that allows the user to place an iPhone or iPad in a slot in the base. The stand allows for a wire to connect to the device so that it can be charged while in place. The stand has three spaces for either incense sticks or tea-light candles to burn without damaging or harming the device.

This setup is perfect for anyone that wants to burn candles or incense while meditating and listening to music or doing yoga and simultaneously watching an instructional video. This is a perfect gift for anyone that seeks to combine the aesthetics of nature and tradition with modern technology.

Note: iNcense is compatible with the other tablets, including but not limited to:  Samsung Galaxy, Asus Eee Pad, Sony Tablet, Motorola Xoom. Any device is good to go if it less then 13 mm thick at the edge.

The iNcense is protected by  U.S.  provisional patent.

Note: Apple logo and ‘Apple’, ‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’  are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Music: Deva Premal, Moola Mantra.  Applications: Yoga Relaxation Lite, Yoga. Health and Fitness

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