The Edible Spoon

More details in: D632,046 United States Patent (PDF)

Disposable Plastic Spoon

A disposable plastic spoon – in the best conditions – will take more than 20 years to decompose. Under less ideal circumstances (in land fills or as general refuse), plastic will take more than 1 000 years to decompose.

Edible Spoon

The Eco-spoon removes the need for non-biodegradable disposable plastic spoons.It is 100% natural, made entirely of corn. It is 100% biodegradable. And 100% edible. And 100% good for you and the environment.

The recipe contains all-organic ingredients, namely: corn flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, separated milk, spices and herbs. This means that the spoon is not just Edible, but also Good for you.

This spoon comes in three flavors: Plain, Spicy and Sweet.

Abstract of the disclosure

An Edible Spoon for dissociation into consumable predetermined clumps in order to prevent dissociating into random granules that would make consumption more difficult. The Edible Spoon includes a bowl and a handle. The bowl extends from the handle and contains weakened lines. The weakened lines in the bowl define the consumable predetermined clumps so as to allow the bowl to dissociate into consumable predetermined clumps in order to prevent dissociating into random granules that would make consumption more difficult.

Plain spoons may be used with any meal, and are flavor-neutral. Spicy spoons can add extra zest to bland food or may be used to eat already spicy meals. Sweet spoons sweeten the food they are used to eat, and may be used with foods – like cereal – that are already sweet.

An Edible Spoon can be used to eat a variety of foods. It’s tasty, it’s healthy, it’s convenient, and it promotes a cleaner tomorrow. The spoons could be purchased in supermarkets for home use. They could also be served alongside appetizers and meals at restaurants.